Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RFID: Software

It's no surprise that RFID has become a hot topic in retail over the past few years. With recent gains in technology, RFID is now more accessible than ever and small retailers are directly reaping the benefits.

Software Advice recently wrote an article on the trend that highlights four key points for the small retailer:

1. RFID reports provide greater transparency into product movement along the supply chain and help retailers avoid stock-outs.
2. RFID makes inventory tracking simple. Instead of scanning each item individually, a handheld RFID scanner can count a box of inventory in one sweep.
3. RFID minimizes the potential for human error at the point-of-sale.
4. RFID dramatically reduces customer checkout time as cashiers can complete a sale without having to scan individual tags.

The article, aptly titled is clearly written for those new to RFID. However, the web site offers a range of software solutions resources for the novice to the sophisticate in the construction, medical, and retail industries. Worth checking out if you're in the market.