Wednesday, January 03, 2007

RFID: Spying Has Never Been Cheaper

According to, Trolley Scan has introduced "small RFID reader systems which give new users the ability to evaluate UHF RFID and their applications without needing specialised skills." (Great! Why should the lack of specialized skills stand in the way of violating someone else's privacy?)

"The systems are supplied with one of two versions of their famous low power transponders - among the smallest, lowest power passive UHF transponders available anywhere in the world - and the super sensitive receiver capable of reading credit card sized transponders from 2 cms to 13 meters from the reader.The tags can also be attached to metal objects still giving full operating range.

The systems comprise a reader, antennas and 100 transponders based on the EcoTag technology. The user just connects the reader to a computer to have a fully operational system."

Trolley Scan offers complete kits in two sizes:
Small - 100 transponders for EURO1800 (approx US$2340) plus shipping and local taxes, and the more ambitious Medium - 1000 transponders for EURO4500 (approx US$5850) plus shipping and local taxes.

Check back soon for the ultimate in spying convenience - Trolley Scan's portable reader, which will be available for an additional EURO100.

Thanks, Trolley Scan, for keeping invasion within the reach of the working class!