Monday, April 03, 2006

RFID: The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

I don't remember the last time RFID made me LOL, but this sure did.

The Gillette Company applied RFID smart labels to all cases and pallets of their new Fusion razors shipped to 400 retail stores. On the issue of which retailers and which locations, Gillette is predictably vague. (They refuse to say)

On the issue of their own financial gain, Gillette is predictably pointed. According to Gillette, RFID enabled them to get the razors on store shelves in three days - eleven days faster than a typical product launch.

Here's the funny part: Gillette also tagged their promotional displays and tracked them to, and within, the 400 mystery stores. If a retailer took too long to move the razors or the promotional display to the sales floor, Gillette contacted the store manager and "requested" that they get the lead out. Ha!

I wonder how many retailers factored that into their business case for RFID.


At 5:21 PM , Anonymous Dave said...

No wonder those #$%@$ razors cost so much! It also may explain why some stores in our are had the display out early.

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